Hello Stranger

I really like this photo.  I love that these two girls are crouching down, peeking over into the city below, for no good reason other than because they want to.  A child-like moment that hints at the mischief of young summer days.

I end up capturing a lot of strangers in my pictures.  When there’s one I particularly like, I wish I could share it with them.  But of course, I can’t.  They’re long gone.  It’s weird to think how quickly their presence came and went, and yet their image is with me the rest of my life.  And they are completely unaware, from beginning to end.  How odd to think that you yourself may be that person in some stranger’s picture out there.

I think I’ll start a tag of these, “hello stranger” ::.

[north seoul tower (T) & cheonggyecheon (B), korea]


3 responses to “Hello Stranger

    • thanks~~ & i hope you’ll keep posting, i like all the artists you share. i think we have similar taste :)

      • aw, thanks! i’m glad you like it and i do indeed think we have similar tastes. i love all the stuff you put up too! you have an awesome blog :)

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