Things You Won’t Remember

I attended my first “dol” this weekend.  It’s a Korean tradition of celebrating a baby’s first birthday. I’m not Korean (although I realize my posts have been very Korean-centric, but that’s just a coincidence…), but I understand it’s taken very seriously and the parties can be lavish. The highlight is a sort of “fortune telling” activity where items are placed in front of the baby, representing various occupations/futures, and the one the baby picks first is supposed to show what the baby will be. My friend’s baby picked the money pouch, lol.

The party was adorably decorated and fancier than any birthday I’ve ever had or attended. And here I thought getting tables at the club was doing it big :) I thought about how the baby will have zero recollection of this in the future. These sorts of things are definitely for the parents and family, not the child. It’s interesting how we have these years of existence during which we have no meaningful consciousness. But it certainly isn’t to say we don’t have a meaningful existence yet, because our effect on others gives our lives meaning even when we can’t remember or appreciate it.

My future child is getting a piñata and Baskin Robbins cake. Maybe.

[saladang song restaurant]


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