A Different Way to the Same Place

Drove up the highway one to the bay area recently ::.








I sometimes forget how beautiful California can be. P and I wanted to go visit our nephews in the bay area and we decided to make a mini roadtrip out of it. Usually if people drive, they will take the highway 5, which doesn’t go along the coast and has no scenery, but is much faster (about 5 hours versus 7-8 hours). I feel like that is kind of symbolic of life sometimes…. Efficiency at the cost of enjoyment. Take things a little slower, and it can make your life richer. It’s funny how “taking things slowly” has become a luxury these days.

Anyway, I’m so impressed by this highway, which curves in and out as it hugs the mountainous coast. At every turn you want to just stop and get out to take a look. That’s probably why it ended up taking us *eleven* hours to finally make it to the bay…

Let’s take the long way.

[my car, killa cam :), takes in the view :: scenic farms along the way– pretty sure I saw some of the happiest cows in the world :: elephant seal viewing point– they are HUGE! :: one of the many vista points along the curving road :: P going up the steps at Nepenthe, a touristy but nevertheless recommended restaurant stop along the way :: the view from lunch at Nepenthe :: the bixby bridge at big sur]


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