Let’s Meet Here

Ok? ::.







There are so many cute places in Seoul to stumble upon. One day I’m going to have to go back with the sole (heh.. Heh…) purpose of photographing all the little spots and storing them away in my little box of Things I Will Never Look At Again But Find Comfort in Knowing That I Can.

I especially like the “hey girl” sticker, the orange chairs, and the blunt cuts I like to admire from afar as opposed to in the mirror.

… Looking at these types of pictures always makes me question what am I doing. What am I doing? Because behind the superficial layer of a cute sticker and a well-placed chair is a person who calls this place theirs. And behind the superficial layer of someone who calls this place theirs is a sense of happiness in one’s work (or at least that’s how it is in my little fantasy).

[cafe/store in seoul, korea… yes this one trip will last me for many posts to come lol]


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