Back Where We Met

Where are your secret prans?? ::.






This was where Secret Prans was born– my friend was getting married at a high (?) security location in san diego (the last photo is the view from her ceremony) and while we had to turn our names in in advance, the guard on duty just asked where we were going and we were on our way. We felt like we had infiltrated the place! “Wheeeere are your secret prans??” (in our worst generic foreigner spy accent). And then we gleefully laugh our heads off. We are five years old sometimes.

I am really into hotels and hotel design. I feel like a little kid running around a grown up’s hangout, but anything for visual appeal. I like boutique modern hotels that can experiment more with their decor than large fancy chain hotels (who can’t seem to take as much risk). I’ve learned that I tend to like darker, more sensual atmospheres for hotels but much brighter, light atmospheres for the home. This particular one was Se San Diego, which had just turned into a kimpton when we went last fall and now I understand has closed down -___-*.

Who knew we’d end up back here as more than friends.

[se san diego hotel lobby; downtown san diego]


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