For the First Time

our first time really celebrating st. patrick’s day::.

We had planned to go out this night but when Thursday came around and the Rain icon on my weather widget morphed into a Black Cloud With Lightning Bolts Coming Out Of It icon, we decided to throw a last-minute SPD party instead.  I don’t often host but when I do, you can bet there will be things worn on heads. Because everything is more fun when you’re wearing something on your head.

I was dissatisfied with the head bobbles being sold at the stores (either too ugly or too expensive), so I ended up buying these 49 cent headbands and this $1.99 clover garland to make LEBEARCHAUN headbands!  The only thing better than wearing something on your head is wearing something on your head that involves animal ears.  Normally only babies seem to be able to get away with that (woe the oppression of society), so thank goodness for holidays that I’m not even technically supposed to be celebrating because it has nothing to do with me.

I also have an extreme weakness for mashed potatoes so the next natural progression in this line of thought is mini shepherd’s pies :p  They were surprisingly easy to make (P did most of it), using this receipe and referencing this recipe.  Cute, easy, and tasty.  I think I can only cook things that satisfy these three elements.  I don’t cook very much.

Finally, as you can see in the last picture I am very sexist in my headwear and so $0.99 hats for the non-girls.  P is turning into an Asian Dad though– when I tried to throw the hats away the next day, he rescued them from the trash protesting that they were perfectly good and we could use them next year… so said hats are now sitting silently in a dark corner of my lower cupboard, waiting for SPD2013 -_____-  haha

The forecast turned out to be wrong and Saturday’s weather wasn’t that bad at all, but I think this turned out to be more fun than what we had planned.

[this post should have swapped with yesterday. happy SPD.]


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