The Ideal: Royal/T

if I were to own a brick & mortar spot, it’d probably be like royal/T ::.

. located on an unassuming street in culver city, la, close to the “downtown” but not really immediately next to anything… which kind of adds to its allure, like you stepped into a secret world

. inside: part eclectic gift store, part rotating gallery, part pop-up store, part sit-down cafe, part event space. it’s like they couldn’t decide what they wanted to own so they included a little bit of everything… which is exactly how i would make decisions :)

. japanese-inspired throughout, the waitresses wear french maid cosplay-esque costumes, the store is filled with japanese aesthetic toys and art, and everything is CUTE… but still clean, modern and minimal

. the gallery space starts with its own glass box in the front but then blends right in to the cafe area

. i love tea.  blooming-flower tea, in midst of blooming process

. back of the cafe, sip tea with murakami and warhol

. place was full for lunch but emptied out by the time we were done. this guy looks like kanye

. store portion, features your standard players: kaws, tokidoki, ugly dolls, kidrobot, etc. can i be a buyer for a place like this?

. what’s interesting, and what i wish i could capture in these photos, is how much they fit into what is not a huge space.  the store/pop-up/gallery are smartly sectioned off from the cafe area with glass walls or open white columns

. yoshitomo nara.  i like these more pleasant ones.

. pop-up store– last time I went it was this cute kid’s drawing room.

. parting gift… P bought me these flower measuring spoons :)


going through all my pictures of cool shops in other countries, I knew LA must have its share too.  hopefully I’ll be able to uncover more this year.  this place is inspiring. I don’t like posts with endless pictures but I couldn’t filter any more out.  I’ll take that as a good sign for this place.

[royal/T :: culver city, LA]


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