FancyFridays .04

my top five favorite fancy’d things from the week.  fourth week!  this latest blogging venture has kept me more accountable and disciplined than ever before.  could it be… maturity? haha no. anyway, I’m normally uploading my friday post from my ipad in the car on my way somewhere, but today I have a chance to write and point out what I like about them :)

  • Social Media Advertising: The rings in the top left are the first items I’ve ever purchased based on a social media platform, e.g. facebook, fancy, pinterest, etc.  The website they’re on is pretty cool too.  Social media advertising, you have won one more battle… actually social media advertising is just going to get more and more interesting as companies figure out how to get people involved, and maybe start blurring the lines of reality and advertising fiction…
  • DIY Wall Art: Top right is a cool example of an easy, high-impact DIY wall art piece.  This one is of the London underground but I may try it with the HK map.
  • The Places I Need to Go: The treehouse restaurant in the center looks really cool, in some forest in New Zealand. The restaurant’s link (below) has more cool pictures.
  • Meaningful Modern Art: I like the neon art billboard at the bottom right.  It’s in line with how i feel about the purpose of our existence here.  I’ve never needed the promise of an afterlife to think our current lives were meaningful and worthwhile.  Our experiences here clearly are, albeit on varying levels.  Of course, I wonder what happens after we die, but having an answer is not a prerequisite to living right and valuing our time here.  Ok this is getting too deep for a FF post, so I will revisit this some other time.
  • Just Because It Pleases My Eyes: Finally, the reason for the bottom left is pure superficial aesthetics. and I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that :) Good pieces, good color, good composition. Oh and there must be an Art of Decorating a Bookshelf.

[ASOS enamel zig zag rings :: string tube map DIY by the london underground’s tube blog :: the redwoods treehouse restaurant, new zealand :: The People You Love billboard by robert montgomery :: tact shelving unit by artefact copenhagen]


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