Let’s Make Cake

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On my maiden bridesmaid voyage, I was tasked with planning the games for the bride’s shower this past weekend. I didn’t want to play the standard games, so I was really excited to execute this idea I had for the main game.

Over this past holiday season my friends had a classic gingerbread house decorating contest and it was so. much. fun. Nothing quite like layman talent mixed with professional competitiveness. So I thought it’d be fun to do a similar idea, a cake decorating game. It was a success :D

I didn’t figure out what to use as the base until the day of. I wanted to buy cylindrical foam rounds, but was running short on time and needed to get all my supplies in one place- Target. I passed the container aisle and realized these differently-sized tupperwares would be perfect. I then grabbed a bunch of frosting, whipped cream, colorful candies marshmallows and ribbon. oh and hot pink peeps.

Split into groups. Twenty minutes to get supplies and decorate the cake. Bride judges and picks the winner. Winning team gets a prize but more importantly Eternal Glory!! … Perhaps the only downside was game planner could not participate in the games.

[last picture was the clear winner :: pasadena, california]


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