Nightstand Musings


west elm finally put its bedroom furniture on sale today, so I placed an order for something I have been eyeing for a while, one of the last pieces I need– a nightstand. This one they have is a good take on mid-century modern design. Can’t wait for it to get here… in May. Backordered. Are there really thaT many people buying $250 nightstands at west elm??? I wonder if they are thinking, “wow such a good deal!”

Then there’s that subtly dark-humored moment when you realize the store you thought was the nicest, most expensive dream store when you were in your early 20s turns out to be actually a modestly priced big box store when you can finally afford it in your late 20s. Yes, first world problems. But why must everything be so relative? Relativity is your frenemy. I wonder what would exist if there was just one of everything. Nothing to compare to. I remember someone once asked me what is a “good person.” Could there be a good person without a bad person, who by contrast and relativity makes the good person good? Could there be happiness in a world with no sadness? I try not to dwell too long in this impossible world.

[mid-century nightstand, west elm]


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