Put Some Bacon In It


There are a few places in downtown that P and I consider “ours.” They mostly revolve around a few significant meetings we had last year. Anyway we went back to one last night, Onyx. First, there is this super nice waiter there who reminds me of will ferrell, Elf version. It’s not often you come across a genuinely nice waiter in LA. Second, Willlookalike showed us a new cocktail on the menu, Wilber: Johnny Walker double black (“just came out in the US,” Willlookalike says), some amaro liquer, topped with candied bacon. I usually don’t mix my whiskey but when you tell me there is candied bacon in a whiskey cocktail, why yes, yes I will try it. I was expecting bacon bits but no, just this entire piece of bacon on top for your swirling pleasure. The drink was actually really smooth. A bit smokey for my taste but good.

I always think it’s funny when bacon is added to something it shouldn’t be on, just to make it that much more delicious and unhealthy. Bacon doughnuts, bacon cupcakes! Bacon wrapped dates, bacon wrapped hot dogs! Bacon dipped in sugar and butter and lard and then deep fried! Reminds me of this great skit by Portlandia, Put A Bird On It:

Put some bacon in it :)

[onyx restaurant, dtla]


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