Rowanosaur on Paper by Fifty Three




Finally downloaded the app Paper by Fifty-Three today. I had seen some good press on it but figured I had so many sketch/drawing apps that I didn’t need another. I was wrong. This one is better in its simplicity and ink style, immediately my favorite. I was forewarned about the in-app purchase structure so it didn’t bother me at all. I am starting to realize how little we actually pay for apps ($5 app that took a lot of talent and effort to make, and will last me forever? Expensive. $5 coffee that will be gone in an hour? No big deal.)

My brother had asked me to make some drawings for my nephew Rowan’s room. I wanted to sketch out an idea, so this was a good reason to test out Paper. It is simple and very easy to use, and the pen brush makes everything look even cooler than it would on real paper. I also love the watercoloring brush, although I need to learn how to actually watercolor… And the reverse function is ingenious.

About the pictures themselves, I want to make a series of baby Rowan dressed up as animals and playing around, with the real animal being like “what iS this little thing??” They’re very rough but I think I like it so far :) will update with the final paintings.

[idea sketches with paper by fifty-three, for iPad and iPhone]

Update 4/6/12: one more, inspired by P’s love for koalas :)



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