Visual Eater

I am a very visual eater. I would never call myself a foodie, but maybe an atmospherie? can I make up that category if it doesn’t already exist? I like going to restaurants more to see how they’ve designed the space and present their dishes. I like good food as much as anyone else, but my visual senses definitely trump my taste senses. it doesn’t have to be fancy, just pleasing. and complementary!! the decor should complement the food. for example, this one restaurant in DTLA, citybilly, has great, arguably hip asian-meets-southern-comfort-fusion food but the decor is decidedly olive garden. it seriously takes away from the experience. and complementary doesn’t necessarily mean matching. I don’t mean for citybilly to have asian decor with cowboy hats hanging around. more, if you have cool food, have a cool space. if you have comfort food, have comfortable space.  that said, I love a good taco truck– it satisfies these points too.

anyway, even when I eat at home I like to have things nicely set up, even though I really don’t cook. I think foodies would call me useless :) this photo is just a random one I took one night while P and I stayed in to eat dumplings for dinner. by the way, these chopsticks from World Market are terrible. don’t ever buy them. oh and this wei chuan dumpling sauce is the best, ever:



2 responses to “Visual Eater

  1. I like pretty food and pretty surroundings, but I have to say, if the place is pretty to look at but the food is only average, I won’t be back. If the place is average but the food is great, I’m a fan.

    I find myself looking at my food more and more these days since I’m one of those strange people that photograph their food.

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