Fancy Fridays .07

My top five favorite fancy’d things from this week (see the popsicle on the sidebar for my Fancy link –>).  On top is MOSS gRaffiti!… of course I’d like it :)  so smart.  And that wall decal speaks to me.  Let me crawl through it right now…  Reminds me of Calvin and Hobbes, aka the best comic ever.  Transmogrifier anyone? So deep in its simplicity.  Hm now that I think about it, almost all my favorite things can be described that way.

[clockwise from top: moss graffiti by edina tokodi :: interactive LED panels by philhall :: visible soundwaves by daniel palacios illusion side table by john brauer for essey (I think the staging here makes it) :: hole to another universe decal by blik]

Oh, and a pic I took of the rings I ordered from FancyFridays .04. They’re awesome.  And I learned that self-hand modeling is not as easy at it looks :0


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