Rowanosaur: From iPad to Paper

I finished the fun little paintings for my nephew from this post on my sketches on Paper by Fifty Three :)

I was already in love with the Paper app, but I appreciated it even more once I got to actually executing the drawings on real paper.  The watercolor feature in the app is so realistic that I could go straight into watercoloring the document without testing where I needed to put more color and where I need to go light.  Same with line weights.

Like I mentioned in my last post, the theme I wanted was to have Rowan dressed up as various animals and playing around, with the real animal being confused as to what this little creature is.  I like that playfulness with a hint of good-hearted mischief.  I think my favorite is the koala one.  My brother and sister-in-law were happy, it was a good break from my day job, so all in all a success! The only thing is I probably could have taken better pictures :p


2 responses to “Rowanosaur: From iPad to Paper

  1. Super cool sketches, ‘Paper’ is a app, makes me want to create characters galore too, not as cute as these, ? can I feature on my blog?? can you send me the originals? I will give full credits of course?

    • Thanks! I’ve been using Paper a lot recently, I’ll post more soon. I’d be happy to share these originals with you. Where would I send it to?

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