Beluga Dusk

Attended my friend’s bachelorette trip this past weekend in San Diego.  More posts on that later.  For now, for some reason, this picture was my favorite from the trip.  I didn’t adjust the contrast or color on this because this is really what it looked like.  Like a wall of mist with no clear beginning or end.  No certainty as to what is in the distance, what may be coming your way.  I think depending on where your mind is, this picture could be very calming or very threatening.  Is it a peaceful mist or a foreboding fog?

I always wondered who are the people that come up with names for nail polish, house paints, etc.  I think it’s interesting, because I’m sure you have to not only take into consideration what the color looks like, but what sort of feeling you are trying to get across.  Like, “is this shade of green Dandelion Clover or Arbor Haze?”  It is probably one of those jobs that sounds really fun but ends up being quite stressful as you have to name your 508th shade of pink.

I would call this color family Beluga Dusk.  yup.

[the shores along Torrey Pines reserve, San Diego]


2 responses to “Beluga Dusk

  1. It’s about 4:30a.m. and I am trying to calm my mind. Couldn’t sleep. Discovering your blog-this photo actually was calming. Also interesting, to me anyway, is the description you gave this photograph of “no certainty of what’s in the distance or what may be coming your way” taken while on a bachelorette trip. Certainly there is no more fitting description also for this time in your friend’s life as she begins married life. Thanks for sharing your vision. I also agree about naming paint colors.

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