A pair of drawings I did recently ::.

(I really need to take pictures during the day)

It’s a pretty simple idea of a sketch portrait with very basic lines and replacing the hair with succulents and water.  For the expressions I wanted them calm and pensive, but neither is melancholy in any way.   They were originally supposed to be next to each other with the guy looking over at the girl, but I kind of like them on their own, connected by the plant’s dependency on water and the implication that they are thinking of each other.  Succulents in particular need very little water to thrive, but they do still need it.

It unintentionally turned out to be my first semi-self portrait (“semi” because it’s a bit idealized haha).  I knew I wanted the girl to be facing a certain way with a certain expression and the closest picture I could find to model was a picture of me.  Same with the guy and P.  I guess it’s nice in that way, that it’s of us.  And given my current love and fascination for succulents, it’s an appropriate self-portrait :)

My watercoloring needs a lot of improvement but this was fun to do.  Here are the initial sketches I did on Paper by Fifty Three:


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