[Exhibit] ‘Transmission LA: AV Club’ at Geffen MOCA

Went to a cool exhibit this past weekend, curated by Mike D of the Beastie Boys ::.




by Jim Drain & Ara Peterson


Like I mentioned in my last post, the circles all spun and weren’t mechanically powered– there was just a little fan blowing behind each one.


Vortex entrance into an audio/visual room



by Ben Jones’ 8 bit world. This room was trippy, as the graphic moved on all walls so that you really felt like you were moving.


The show was sponsored by Mercedes Benz, and one room had this concept car with lights that flashed along with music you could listen to at the front of the room. This car… is so pretty.






All of these are by Sage Vaughn, I think a new favorite of mine. The second set of pictures are of paintings done on simple mailing envelopes. Good idea.


Bar/coffee area by Roy Choi of Kogi Taco Truck and other popular food spots in L.A.


This whole show was a concept of combining art, music, food, coffee, and books in one exhibit space for complete audio/visual sensory experience. It was cool, definitely had a personal project feel which was unique in its own way. I wasn’t a fan of all of the art, especially video art, but I really enjoyed the show as a whole.

There was also another cool exhibit going on called Sky Ladder, while I will post about soon.

Transmission LA: The Audio-Visual Club, April 20, 2012- May 6, 2012


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