Last Year’s View

View of DTLA from the apartment I lived in last year ::.

I was going through my pictures and was brought back to this awesome view I was fortunate to have for a few months.  It was a temporary place I stayed at while I was in-between moves, but that brief period happened to exactly cover a major turning point in my life.  It was almost like a stage in a way, with two scenes taking place, one ending and one opening.

When I look at these pictures there is a sense of nostalgia but I also never want to return there.  Not because of the bad memories, but because it feels like a contained space in time that has been closed and should not be disturbed.  A box of memories that you put up on a shelf, knowing you’ll never open it again… but also knowing you’ll never forget that it’s there.

I just came back from a visit up north to see my nephew and P’s nephew.  They are only a couple months apart, so they are both growing fast and we want to see them as often as possible.  It’s a very happy time.


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