Message to Myself

Another pair of drawings I did recently ::.

Another set of drawings I did while P was out. The photos aren’t great but I really like this one.  Here, the girl on the left is throwing a paper airplane to the girl on the right.  On the left she is proportionately the same size to the mushrooms as the girl on the right is to the trees.  The girls look similar but are a little different.  I imagine there is a note written inside the plane, so it’s like sending a cross-world message.  From the make-believe to the real, although who is to say which is which.  What would the message say?

These are going in my dining room (which is all whites & woods) so I wanted something clean and simple, playful but pretty.  An image that would not distract from food but keep the atmosphere happy.  I have a thing for mushrooms and trees, but I couldn’t commit to painting them until I had the idea of the little girls.  I wanted the focus to be on the simple shapes of the mushrooms and trees, with the girls playing among them something  you only notice upon closer inspection.

I debated whether I should outline the mushrooms and trees, as I like the clean look (the bottom two pictures were taken at the in-between stage, and I could have just filled in more color and left the outlines grey).  I think I like how the lines turned out but may try a different approach next time.  I’d like to do a series of these illustrations, each with a different contrast in worlds.  I’ll definitely be doing one from fairytale land –> corporate world >:p!

Finally, for framing, I used thin silver frames from IKEA and backed the watercolor papers with strips of a hemp-like fabric I got at a craft store.  Worked out great :)


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