Happy Mother’s Day


A simple drawing I made for mother’s day. All that is good in my life and in my person is thanks to you.

I made a sketch of this one night in my apartment when I was reflecting on where I was in my life and how I got there. I felt very lucky to have happiness in my life. But I also realized it wasn’t all luck. A good career took hard work, a good relationship took a level head, and a good character took discipline. And in a way, I subconsciously learned all of these things from my mom. Of course there were many other influences in my life, but one’s parents are always there, and they really do shape their children for better and for worse. I’m grateful for all my mom has instilled in me. And while this thought be obvious, I think back to all the times I fought with her and realize it really takes some growth and perspective to see what has been done for you.

Happy Mother’s day, to all the good mothers out there. Thank you.


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