Practical Mid-Century Modern Chair

My little office area ::.

I spent a long time looking for the right desk chair.  I originally bought an acrylic chair for the look, but it hurt to sit in it for too long.  I had to have form and function.  I wanted good design but didn’t want to spend thousands of dollars.

This Forza Taupe Twill chair was the perfect fit. It draws from mid-century modern design and has an adequately cushion-y seat.  The price tag is reasonable– not as affordable as IKEA but not as expensive as Design Within Reach (one of the most ironically/cruelly named stores ever?).  The brown twill fabric contrasts nicely with the white modern desk.

Amazon sells a pair for the mid-$300s, although when I bought it I was able to get just one.  They’re worth it, either way.  It took me a while to go for it, but now its one of my most used pieces of furniture.

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4 responses to “Practical Mid-Century Modern Chair

  1. Such a pretty, uncluttered space! Love your chair… it looks great with the simple white desk.

    • Thank you! Surprised how much more I like the brown twill + white than the clear acrylic + white.

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