Unique LA: Spring Show 2012

Attended the final hours of Unique LA, a sort of crafts/art/food fair held at the California Market Center. Here’s a very small sampling of things I liked ::.





A big part of the experience is the setup by the vendors. Many were cute, like this one. This guy was totally trying to flirt with this girl, but it was cute. The cart makes the scene feel very nostalgic :)



This artist had the cutest illustrations! He works for Disney, no surprise. P bought a trio of prints :) Check out his stuff at ChooChooClan.com.


My two cents: A lot of cute and clever things, but there’s almost so much that you can’t decide what to buy. I ended up not buying anything! I think they should consider grouping the stands by category, to be more buyer-friendly. And they could work on the lighting… The surrounding skyline is pretty amazing, but this sort of thing feels like it belongs in some sunny, happy place, not a fluorescent lit warehouse, so perhaps this isn’t the best venue. That said, I very much enjoyed the experience and would go back again.



One response to “Unique LA: Spring Show 2012

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