Dulce’s Pop-up Coffee Shop








Was in the South Park neighborhood of DTLA and wanted to stop by this pop up coffee shop I’d heard about. The people behind the popular Cafe Dulce in Little Tokyo apparently decided to go across DTLA and set up an indefinite pop up shop in a small corner of the Desmond Building. It’s an unexpected choice to me, but it works. I love the idea and the simplicity behind the design and set up. Goes to show what a few pieces, some light, and big art can do.

The Desmond Building is one of the few cool old brick buildings in the South Park neighborhood, and is currently being renovated. A lot is changing around here. I really love being in DTLA.


6 responses to “Dulce’s Pop-up Coffee Shop

    • Haha yah I like their coffee! Although I readily admit I’m not enough of a food snob/douche to appreciate the difference between good coffee as better coffee :) I just wish they would sell their pastries from their LT location here…

    • Thanks for asking! Sure, can you please email me the article when available? Hi [at] mimochai.com. FYI the popul hasn’t been there for a couple years now.

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