Fancy Fridays .17

Happy Friday! What a long week. But I’m going up to the bay area tomorrow for my brother’s graduation from neurosurgery residency at Stanford! I was clearly the underachiever of the family :) I remember when he started this SEVEN year program, I thought his graduation was sooo far away that it was almost incomprehensible. And yet here we are…

Top five favorite Fancy’d items of the week, clockwise from top left: (1) Sharks swimming in a pool of bait fish (I love this picture (colors, composition, content) and would love to give credit for it, but the link on Fancy is not helpful…) :: (2) Styrobot by Michael A. Salter (his site is really cool! I’ve always thought cool stuff could be built from styrofoam packaging bits…) :: (3) Metal Corner Clutch by Rebecca Minkoff (I know I need to diversify from MBMJ but it’s hard to find other brands I like… this might be it… or I’m being distracted by the cool color palette of the picture) :: (4) shadow art by Kumi Yamashita (cool concept) :: (5) Tree Bookcase (another unlinked item on Fancy… it’s so cool and I wish I knew who made it!)


4 responses to “Fancy Fridays .17

  1. Holy smokes neurosurgery?! What a brainiac.

    Lame puns aside, congrats to him! I like your top 5 fancy’d posts.. always great stuff :)

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