Comic Con 2012

Even though I lived in San Diego for four years, this was my first Comic Con. It was pretty crazy.













I was there to support P and didn’t have the desire to wait for any of the popular panels. There was more than enough to see in the main room.  Unfortunately in the rush to get ready, I left my camera in the hotel room and was left with just my phone.

It was incredibly packed and I’m sure I didn’t see everything. I was expecting to see more cosplayers but there were some cool ones. I think the coolest thing I saw (other than the Sanrio x Street Fighter display…) was the 3D printer! I think these will become more and more advanced and one day will become quite common and super advanced. Imagine just printing various 3D objects you want! It was also interesting to see a huge My Little Pony display from Hasbro. They were my favorite toy when I was young, but they went away for a little while it seemed. Now I know it was because they were getting major plastic surgery!! They are much thinner and prettier now. Also seems to be a hit amongst the raver/EDC crowd, I saw several images of tripped out Ponies. I guess I could have seen that coming.

All in all a great experience but I probably would have more fun at a design convention haha. But with cosplayers. Can we do that? A design convention with cosplayers?


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