Linus Pop Up Bike Shop! Pasadena








Went to check out the new Macbook Airs and Retina MacBook in person this past weekend (more on that later… First time not buying a PC :0 ) and happened upon this cool pop up bike shop in Old Town Pasadena. A friendly salesperson greeted us in black frame glasses, claiming not to be any sort of hipster. Black frame wayfarers in a pop up fancy bike shop… Hmmm…

Anyway, P and I both love bikes. It was surprising to learn that Linus is an American company manufacturing European style bikes. They were light and handsome. I have been needing to get a new bike but it’s been easy to put off since I don’t have much time to bike. However, it’d be nice to have an alternative means of getting around DTLA, so I am definitely keeping my eye on that bike in the first picture. I really like the style and color combo (althought my snap seeding is kind of obscuring its true colors).


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