DTLA’s Grand Park

This past weekend was a significant one here in DTLA, as the new Grand Park finally had its partial opening. Until about five years ago, people in Los Angeles thought of its downtown as a desolate, grimy place that cleared of non-homeless persons after 6 pm. It’s been slowly revitalizing the past few years, namely with some very popular independent restaurants and bars. But it still wasn’t considered much of a place for kids or families, nor were there any large public park spaces.

Grand Park stretches four large blocks from City Hall to the cool John Ferraro building next to the Music Center, and while it isn’t Millenium Park or Central Park, it was really amazing to see so many people (especially families) spending a Sunday afternoon in a DTLA park. They really did a great job with this space. What used to be an unwelcoming hodgepodge of parking lots and concrete “plazas” is now a respectable downtown oasis. I love the magenta chairs and tables (hopefully the color will also prevent them from getting stolen… they’re not attached to anything!), the use of sustainable plants from all over the world (nicely labeled too for visitors), the way they’ve connected two very separate parts of DTLA (the Ferraro building was easily ignored before). The renovated and expanded fountain is really doing wonders, serving double duty as an instant hit with kids during the day and a rather impressive light and water show during the night.

My friend’s handsome husky makes a friendly appearance in the photos above. I love huskies :) and malamutes and samoyeds and akitas…


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