To the Nice Man at Dandelion Ranch

Part of Sunday was spent at H.D. Buttercup, a huge furniture store in Culver City.  Set up within H.D. Buttercup is Dandelion Ranch, a floral shop with an simple organic aesthetic that is a little wild.  Not in the tie-dye-zebra-print wild but in the overgrown meadow sort of way.  I discovered many cute new species of plants, as you can tell :)  P and I were particularly curious about the Scabiosa Pods, which is incredibly intricate and beautiful up close.  We asked the florist, who was an older man with a UK accent, tall stature and slightly ruddy complexion you wouldn’t necessarily associate with a florist.  He patiently answered our amateur questions and then disappeared around the display when we had finished.  When he came back around, he was holding a small bouquet and said, “this is how we use the Scabiosa Pods, in an arrangement like this.  Here, you can have this, we are about to close for the day anyway.”

A very unexpected act of kindness, especially in LA.  I felt like Belle in that Beauty and the Beast scene where the bookkeeper tells her she can keep her favorite book.  What must have seemed like a small gesture on his part had totally made my day.  We went on to other furniture stores and so many women complimented the flowers and gave P an approving glance.  He laughed at this undeserved admiration, and noted how the act of giving flowers to a girl never gets old.  It’s true!  Next time, just stop by your neighborhood farmer’s market and ask them to put together a pretty bunch of flowers. Any flowers are appreciated, but ones that aren’t from the supermarket go a lot further :)

I think often about how something you have done, something you don’t think twice about, can so affect a stranger you’ll never meet again.  Imagine if we could see the chain of effects our actions could take, how far that path would stretch into the horizon.  I wonder how much good and bad we have caused without knowing.

So to the nice man at Dandelion Ranch, thank you.

Dandelion Ranch
4701 W. Jefferson Blvd. #3
Los Angeles, CA 90016


2 responses to “To the Nice Man at Dandelion Ranch

  1. So sweet! His name is Mark Ostermeyer, and he is a cherished part of Dandelion Ranch. We are so happy that he was able to make a MARK on your day. (haha, mark) Thank you for the blog!

    • wow thank you for letting me know! I’m so happy that you found this post :)) Mark is awesome and I wish you guys the best!

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