Disney Pop Art

So the last post I did was during my birthday week and so I excused myself for a break that lasted an unintentional three weeks.  That’s what getting out of routine will do to you.

So I have a lot to catch up on!  P took me to California Adventureland for part of my birthday and we stayed overnight so we could get to the park as soon as it opened the next day (overzealous, I know…).  We spent the night with some friends in Downtown Disney, and they’ve really improved that place since I was last there (probably well over a year ago).  The stores are cooler, and are more sights in themselves now. This set of stores is a good example.  One was a Disney-meets-pop-art gallery, and another was a Disney vinyl toy store.  Neither sold purely Disney merchandise; as you can see, there was some Marvel x Tokidoki, non-Disney illustrations, etc.  Disney really knows how to jump on trends and make them work to their advantage… Anyway it was very cool.  The hipster Mickey is too funny and seriously looks just like one of our friends… the hipster glasses… coffee in hand… smartphone in the other… it’s too much.

I used to think Downtown Disney didn’t offer much but times have changed. I’d definitely stop by again next time I’m at either park.


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