Here are a trio of paintings I recently did over the course of two after-work nights: one night to paint the background color, and one night to paint the eggshell, gold layer, and bird.  The idea was a bird taking flight from an eggshell (with its obvious symbolism), but in origami form in part to give nod to the Asian heritage, and in part to represent the human-made aspect of destiny.

I added in the short lines to add some visual interest and also indicate the rising movement (you know, in case it wasn’t obvious enough…).  However, my friend noted it looked more like an origami bird desecrating on an origami flower.  Sigh… I guess we can leave it as a Rorschach?  That imagery has plenty of meaning too, I’m sure :0

New theme by the way!  WordPress’s themes are getting much better.  But aren’t themes are becoming less and less relevant, as followers tend to read off RSS readers, news feeds, etc.?  How often are people actually visiting the blog’s actual site?  I guess it’s still important for first impressions.  I’ve been thinking about what direction I want to take this blog in.  More to unfold on that.  For now, I miss having a log of what I’ve been up to.


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