New DTLA Restaurant: Le Ka

Le Ka is a recently opened restaurant/lounge in DTLA. I attended an event here before it opened but didn’t get a chance to try their food, so my friend’s birthday was a good opportunity to do so. The food was great and reasonably priced considering the atmosphere. I tried the black cod, sea bass, hanger steak, brussels sprouts salad (I’m on a roll of trying really delicious brussels sprouts recently, kind of weird), beet salad, and brioche bread pudding and they were all delicious. More importantly, I love the design of the place ;) It takes basically every element I like and puts it into one cozy space. A wall of wood accents, modern industrial pendant lights, sleek fireplaces, deep warm colors everywhere, and a great selection of indoor and outdoor areas. I hope it lasts despite its slightly awkward location. I’ll definitely be back.

Visit their website.


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