New to DTLA: CityTarget


Target has started opening a series of “city targets”, a smaller version of its big box stores catered towards urban centers and its residents. DTLA was lucky to get one of the first few, and I’ve been waiting for this week’s grand opening ever since it was announced last year. P and I share a love for Target and target dates, and I will always respect its complete marketing genius and transformation– I certainly still remember when Target was not considered cool at all.

So I can’t believe it’s finally here, and I can’t believe I can be this excited about a Target! But it’s not just me. Target is really going all out with this grand opening. They’ve already had several events including a ribbon cutting with the mayor and the incredibly well behaved mascot dog, a Sunday grand opening, and a “housewarming” today with pumpkin carving, makeovers and a performance by Ozomatli (random).

It’s so great to see downtown LA growing. I am proud to be here.


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