Weddings: Smog Shoppe

Attended a wedding the other weekend as P’s date.  It was a cute, slightly hipster wedding at the Smog Shoppe in Culver City.  I have been here another time for a wedding but this one was definitely a lot more fun.  I love the succulent vertical gardens and the general industrial chic feel of the place.  It’s an unassuming venue that feels like you’re in a little secluded box in LA.  Mason jar open bar was a cute touch.

The wedding season phase of my life has definitely arrived (I think a little later than most).  Planning a wedding seems like such an ordeal… I’m not one of those girls who have been planning it since they were a little girl.  The general conclusions I’ve been able to take away is it’s best not to stress the details because absolutely no one notices other than the bride (and maybe some women who recently got married and still care to compare).  All you need is an open bar, a great dj, and a photobooth.  Oh, and fun guests.  I guess that can be a little difficult to plan for :)  The whole wedding industry has really gotten out of control, and sometimes you can’t help but be a player in the crazy game…

It’s a little jarring how suddenly Fall has arrived here in LA.  This was barely two weeks ago and it was still warm summer nights.  Now we find ourselves getting wrapped into the dark billowing sleeves of the Fall Madame.


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