[EXHIBIT] Gary Baseman “The Door is Always Open” at the Skirball Museum

The Skirball Museum in Los Angeles has a great little exhibit on artist Gary Baseman.  It’s laid out as a house, with a Living Room, Dining Room, Bedroom, etc., each tying into a philosophy, perspective, or experience of Baseman’s.   I’m inspired by his endless imagination and unique look, even if it’s a bit dark for me sometimes.  It’s deceptively simple in appearance.  I also like that he maintains a very unassuming, unpretentious view on art and his success.  Just my type!

IMG_3684 IMG_3674 IMG_3676 IMG_3687 IMG_3688 IMG_3689 IMG_3697 IMG_3691 IMG_3694 IMG_3690 IMG_3700 IMG_3702 IMG_3698 IMG_3707 IMG_3708 IMG_3715 IMG_3714 IMG_3712 IMG_3710 IMG_3725 IMG_3726


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